Political Advococy

                                                   Political Advocacy Update 



Our District Executive approved  letters being sent to our Provincial MPP, Amanda Simard and our Federal MPP, Francis Drouin outling our concerns for the physical and mental well-being of  some of our older adults in Ontario. Our District Executive specifically focussed on the immediate need for improved conditions in our Long-Term Care Homes. It is no surprise to anyone, that well over 50% of the deaths in Canada due to COVID-19 have occurred in Long-Term Residential Care Facilities. Both offices of our MPP’s acknowldged receipt of our letters and agreed with RTO’s postion requiring more government action.

On October 1st, our Provincial Political Committee members had a number of virtual Queen’s Park visits with MPP’s outling the Vibrant Voices 3 key areas of concern. The event was well received and attended by many MPP’s who supported RTO’s positions on Environmental Stewardship, Senior Strategy and Mental and Physical Health for Older Adults.

                        Please visit Vibrantvoices.ca to view the 3 postion papers 

Your Executive and our Provincial P.A.C. will continue to put forth a concerted effort advocating for government action on these 3 areas of need. 


Should you have any questions regarding this update, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Richard James

District #32 P.A.C. Rep

Provincial P.A.C. Committee Member