District 32 Executive


President: David Nieman

Ist Vice President: Caroll CArkner

2nd Vice President: Patricia Rogers       

Past President: Lynne Current

Secretary: Linda MacKinnon                     

Treasurer: Diane Legault 

Health Insurance: Ruth Barton-Dempster

Political Advocacy: Richard James

Goodwill: Melanie Beaupre                        

Membership: Pauline Sarrazin, Bill Young           

Newsletter: Kathy Findlay                            

Nominating Committee:  ​Lynne Current

Travel and Social: Jill Cass, Sandy Rainey  

Webmaster: Patricia Rogers

Foundation Contact: Dorothy Kinkaid

Provincial Committee Members: 

  Service to Others - Caroll Carkner(Chair)

  Membership - Anne Marie Farnworth

  Communication and Marketing - Patricia Rogers